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How can I get a quote and place order?
You will first need to send details about your subject content and the service you wish to engage. Our customer support team will return with the quotation details and how to make the payment. After you make the payment, your order will be confirmed and the service process will begin.
Who are the consultants and are they academically qualified?
All of our consultants are PhD holders, who are academically qualified and well verse in the content creation and proof-editing field.
Do you need any document or information from me to place the order and confirm the service?
We require your idea, content or document which needs our listed services. If you have some suggestions or have any references for your content creation, you can share them with our consultants while placing your order.
How many days do you take to prepare my order. I have an urgent requirement and deadline; will I get additionally charged for it?
Our lead time depends on the complexity of your content and its requirement. In the event of an urgent request of one day or two days, you will be charged additionally and accordingly.
Will I get a copied content from internet?
No, all the work that we provide is original and shall pass through plagiarism checking.
For the research consultation, do you provide/sell any pre existing reports/thesis/ dissertation .
We do not provide/sell any reports which can be submitted as it is. We only provide content support service through consultation and proofediting. This also forms our ethical use policy. While the work we provide is guaranteed to be original, it is meant for reference use and must be used in compliance with our fair use policy.
How can I contact my consultant?
You will be able to contact your consultant by email after you have placed your order and paid for it.
Is this service safe and secure? Are my details confidential with you?
Our service is safe and secure, as we are a legitimately registered business. We do not share any data with any third party. Your details, data, subject, proposal and other related files will be destroyed and deleted from our system forever after 90 days of order completion. Even if you do not wish to opt in for our service, your details will be deleted within 7 days.
How can I attain the one to one online consultation? Are there any fees for the one to one online consultation?
An online one-to-one consultation will be conducted via Google Meet or Zoom. This consultation will be exclusive to the person who placed the order. Yes, there are basic consultation fees that will be incurred on the basis of the requirement and the subject matter under discussion.
Will I get my order on time?
Yes, we guarantee completion of work on time. If we fail to deliver within the specified timeframe, we will offer value added service free of charge.
Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order within 2 hours of making your payment and we will refund it in full. After this two-hour period, the order can not be cancelled and the payment will not be refunded.